I'm a frontend developer

Who am I?

My name is Nguyen Anh Phong. I'm a frontend developer living in Hanoi, Vietnam. I started learning web development when I was 13. Since then, I have made a lot of projects, from basic HTML pages to complex projects like a React library. I hope to be a great developer and get my dream job in the future. Besides coding, I also like writing blog posts, listening to music and playing video games

My skills & Knowledge

Technologies and languages that I use to make my product everyday

Selected projects

React CSSFX Loading

React Wrapper for the CSSFX collections. It's a component library, just import to use

MacOS Big Sur on the Web

MacOS Big Sur user interface on the web using Vue and Typescript. The UI is almost identical, with light/dark mode changing, wallpapers of other macos, animated dock.


A chat app made with react, typescript, tailwind, firebase. It's a full-feature messenger clone


A comment system alternative to Disqus

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